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Cruelty Free Only is a novel project with one main goal – to increase the awareness about animal testing and animal-based products used in beauty products and put an end to animal cruelty.

We are disgusted by the horrific way animals are treated for the purposes of animal testing in the beauty and cosmetics industry. However, we are also inspired by our belief that every living being deserves the right to a respectful, free, healthy and happy life.

This blog aims to show the world that going cruelty free can be easy. There are millions of products produced in ethical ways. You can find cruelty free alternatives and replacements for almost anything. This way, you can ensure that your beauty routines don’t harm animals.

Buying products from cruelty free and vegan brands can make a huge impact. If we all stop supporting brands that test on animals and use animal-based ingredients, the message to them will be clear. All non-complying brands will eventually be forced to change their policies regarding this question. As a result of this, animal suffering can be brought to an end.

Our objective is to share as much information about these topics as possible. To keep our readers up to date with this subject, we post news, stories, our favorite products – cosmetics, makeup, accessories, lists of brands that test on animals to avoid, lists of animal-friendly brands to support, and more!