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Is Krave Beauty Cruelty Free and Vegan? (2022 Update)

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Krave Beauty is 100% cruelty free. None of their ingredients and finished products are tested on animals by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Krave Beauty is 100% vegan because none of their products contain any animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.

If you want to learn more about this cruelty free brand, keep on reading.

And if you’d like to update your beauty collection with some new Krave Beauty products, make sure to check out the last section of this post where I’ve listed some of their best products.

Let’s dive right in!

Is Krave Beauty cruelty free? Are Krave Beauty products tested on animals?

Krave Beauty doesn’t test on animals and is 100% cruelty free.

I reached out to this brand and confirmed that:

  • Krave Beauty’s finished products aren’t tested on animals by anyone, anywhere in the world
  • The ingredients used in their products are never tested on animals by anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Third parties never test Krave Beauty products on animals
  • Krave Beauty is not sold in mainland China, or in any country where animal testing is still required by law

If you’re interested, these are the specific questions I asked them, along with their answers.

1. Do you test your finished products or ingredients on animals? – No

2. Do you ensure that your suppliers don’t test on animals? – Yes

3. Do you commission third parties to test your products or ingredients on animals? – No

4. Are your products sold in stores in mainland China? – No, our products are not sold in mainland China. We are a direct to consumer brand so we are currently the only retailer that sells/distributes our products as we have not authorized any retailers/third parties to stock our products.

5. Is this brand owned by a parent company? – No

6. Do you use any animal-derived ingredients or animal-byproducts within any of your products? – No

7. Are you certified as cruelty free or vegan? – We are not certified as cruelty free or vegan, but we will be working on our cruelty-free certification soon! 

Source: email communication with Krave Beauty

Keep on reading for more information!

Is Krave Beauty sold in China?

No, Krave Beauty products are NOT sold in physical stores in mainland China.

Why can’t cruelty free brands sell in mainland China?

Animal testing is still happening for products sold in physical stores in mainland China.

Pre-market animal testing is required for all special-use imported products, and non-routine post-market testing on animals may also be done in cases of customer complaints.

However, please keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to products sold in stores at the airports, or in Hong Kong.

Also, products can be sold online and shipped to mainland China without being tested on animals.

Is Krave Beauty owned by a parent brand? If yes, is it cruelty free?

Krave Beauty is not owned by another company.

Is Krave Beauty vegan?

Krave Beauty is 100% vegan.

They don’t use any animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products within any of their products.

Another amazing thing about Krave Beauty is that they’re really focused on environmental responsibility. You can read more about their sustainability efforts here.

Best Krave Beauty products

Krave Beauty is a skincare brand founded by beauty influencer and youtuber Liah Yoo.

Their formulas are non-irritating, non-sensitizing and fragrance-free!

You should definitely try some of their best-sellers!

You can start with the KRAVE Beauty Kale-lalu-yAHA glycolic acid exfoliator which gently exfoliates and smooths out your skin while also adding hydration and antioxidants.

Another one of their most popular products is the KRAVE Beauty Great Barrier Relief, which aims to reduce irritation and sensitivity, especially if you’ve exposed your skin to harsh chemicals (experimenting with different skincare products), pollution, sun exposure, etc.

If you want to discover more cruelty free skincare brands, make sure to check out my post on the 7 Best Cruelty Free Skin Care Brands in That Are Also 100% Vegan and Sustainable.

Now it’s your turn!

Have you tried any Krave Beauty products? If so, what are your favorites?

Tell us in the comments below!

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